Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Say it ain't so, Joe....

Lieberman: "I worry about whether Obama has the right stuff to bomb Iran"

Once again, the junior senator from Connecticut literally sucks out loud. Honestly, this man needs to learn how to think before he speaks. What a jackass.

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Anonymous said...

Does Obama have the right stuff to bomb Iran? Lets see... I think it involves hydrogen and Deiterium and a nuclear physicist in there somewhere. Oh, yeah we already have nukes! Though I don't recall Iran really fucking around with us since the days of the Shah, the Ayatollah, and the hostages (like 30 years ago)so really bombing Iran into a glowing nuclear litter box with the 'right stuff'doesn't sound like a nice thing to do since they really haven't done anything to us. Maybe sitting down with no 'pre-conditions' in Iran might be effective and a little safer then the glowing nuclear litter box. You betcha! BF