Thursday, September 18, 2008

Anger is an Energy....

I have to distance myself from the news cycle for a little while. Things are just becoming too distorted and weird. My seething hatred of McSame/Qualin was minimally abated by news of the collapse of America’s financial markets. That is just beyond fucked up. I’m actually getting pleasure out of seeing these two political clowns get a minor comeuppance in the media on the back of a devastating financial crash unrivaled since the great depression. What is happening to me? I used to pride myself on a rational thought process, yet lately any sleazy cheap shot at the Republican ticket has the same effect on me as a hit of crack does on a dope fiend. Why am I letting the politics of smear have an emotional effect on my otherwise analytical thinking?
It has recently dawned on me that we as a society – aside from huge portions of us just too stupid to live – have been overly processed with images, slogans and sound bytes that are now, irrevocably I’m afraid, taking control of our capacity for free will while we in turn disconnect ourselves from humanity. How many times a day do I sit through commercial after commercial telling me I’m too fat, I have acne, sexual dysfunction, bad breath, age spots, a dead-end career? The list is infinite. Americans are suffering from the worst inferiority complex on the planet and at the same time we beat our chests and mindlessly shout out, “USA, USA, USA” with one finger on the big red button. This insanity has to stop otherwise the dream and promise of America will implode. Fast.
Things are so disconnected, and people are so far removed from reality, that petty inconsequential bull shit from all directions has managed to skew any semblance of reasonable discrimination. Everything appears to have equal footing regardless of the obvious inequities staring us right in the face. No, the O’Reilly Factor does not have the same journalistic integrity as The News Hour with Jim Lehrer. No, “executive experience” does not trump constitutional law. And fuck no, emergency contraception is not abortion. Yet here we are, a society of dim wits having bogus information spoon fed into our every orifice. Did you know that 1 in 5 Americans has genital herpes? Rome is burning.
Perhaps I’m wasting my time trying to distinguish my self from the rest of the herd. They seem to be having a pretty good time overall. The anger that has sustained me for so long and enabled me to remain alert and informed is beginning to lose its fire. Maybe the flood of useless psychobabble and distorted images is just what’s needed to once and for all wash over my overburdened brain and extinguish the flame. A baptism of sorts. Oh the irony.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The Vagina Vote

Finally the dust is beginning to settle after all the fury and outrage at McCain's estrogen induced political choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. The latest "pussy poll" (I know it's crude, but seeing the way "women" have been so manipulated and spoken for by far too many men lately I feel it is an appropriate label) has at last confirmed what I've suspected and hoped for all along. Women apparently do not vote with their vaginas - as so many pundits and PUMAs would like you to believe - they actually weigh the issues and decide what's is their best interest. Some examples:

Which ticket understands the issues and concerns important to women?
Obama/Biden 53%
McCain/Palin 35%

Obama also went from a 44% lead (69% to 25%) to a 54% lead (75% to 21%) over McCain among Clinton voters as they learned more about Sarah Palin's background and her positions on core issues.

View the poll in its entirety here.

Monday, September 08, 2008

A Soldier's Take on the Bullshit of the RNC....

This post just reiterates what I've been saying about the RNC, only much more eloquently and with more gravitas. Jon Stoltz is the co-founder of and has served in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

"How Did the RNC Insult the Troops and Veterans? Let Me Count the Ways..."

Thursday, September 04, 2008

An all time low in Republican goonery...

Can they stoop any lower? The lies, the gross distortions and the really bad music pale in comparison to this latest pseudo-patriotic stunt. I realize that the Bush administration and its uber-goons have banned photographers and journalists from military funerals, even at the request of the families, but to use actors and a staged funeral in one of their RNC "we're so proud of our brave men and women" videos is as sickening as it gets.

Fake Soldiers Used In RNC Video

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can we get a little sanity here?

The cable news Hurricane Gustav spectacle this weekend was bested only by the utter lunacy of the Republican National Convention screeching to a halt because New Orleans might possibly – oh you never can tell – better call in the guard – experience another hurricane.

Everyone was salivating at the prospect of a direct hit on my second favorite city. News crews - local and national – were constantly checking in with low level reporting jack-offs standing in the pouring rain and intense wind eager to show the eyes of the world that yes, they will do just about anything to get on camera. Even the Cooper Scooper had on his traditional, “I’m a serious field reporter” black tee-shirt. Will the levees hold? What about the 10,000 who refused to leave? Look, if those levees can’t withstand a category one hurricane then we might as well throw up our hands in disgust and pack it all in because that would be proof positive that we are a nation of fucktards.

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded just what exactly Dubya and McCain were doing during Hurricane Katrina, but here’s a visual to jar your memory:

The solemn convention was yet another opportunity for Republicans to flash their vaudeville credentials. I especially liked Laura Bush’s remark about the Gulf Coast governors, “They’re all strong leaders – and they were planning to be here with us today – and they all happen to be republicans.” No shit. Were they expecting any democratic governors to attend?

Look here as our First Lady and her ecto-skeletal potential successor give a weather update and ask people to donate money as if the convention were the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon:

Finally, here’s a little dose of sanity: