Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 20, 2010

Mission Accomplished?

You probably haven’t noticed yet, but Operation Iraqi Freedom, you know, “the war,” came to an end on Wednesday when the 4th Stryker Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, was officially designated the last combat brigade to leave Iraq.  Granted, there will still be upwards of 50,000 of our men and women in uniform remaining for another year in a “non-combat” role, whatever that means,* but after seven plus years of unwarranted American ass-kicking in Babylon it’s kind of a slap in the face to our military who has sacrificed life and limb that this story hardly warranted a blip on the media radar screen. Sure, MSNBC covered it extensively. That’s about it. The Cooper Scooper gave it equal time with the “Ground Zero Mosque” non-story, and FauxNews gave it literally10 minutes of air time.

I figure it’s because all the bloviating, “America Fuck Yeah” testosterone-fueled war mongering that Republican jack offs and their wives/mistresses have been a-fearing us with since 9/11 has essentially ended because Obama kept yet another campaign promise to the American people. Are we suddenly safer? Does Iraq have a stable, democratically elected government and a security force in place to protect its citizens? No and no. Does it fucking matter to the interests of the United States? Hell no. It never did. We’ve wasted billions with a “b” and now we get to slink off in the night like a hotel guest who’s over stayed his welcome and must now make a hasty exit.

I find it laughable that the number one issue that brought the Democrats into power in 2006 – the Iraq war – has degenerated into such a “whatever” news story that most people don’t know about it or care to.  There are plenty of cynics (myself included) who believe this withdrawal may have been timed just perfectly for the mid-term elections coming up in November. However, if no one gives a shit about it, how can it have the desired influence on voters?

With all the lazy journalism taking place today it’s no wonder. How easy is it to spout an opinion about the merits of building a mosque at Ground Zero? An unwinnable argument void of even the basest of facts. Here’s a flash, 1 – it’s not a mosque, it’s a community center with an area for worship. There will be no calls to prayer or any of that; 2 – it’s TWO BLOCKS AWAY from the supposed hallowed ground where the towers formerly stood, the same distance as two famous titty bars, on OTB and several tacky street merchants selling useless crap created in Chinese labor camps commemorating the 9/11 tragedy; 3 – it’s the builder’s Constitutional Right to build this center.  Cue the resurgence of that ridiculous whisper campaign that Obama is Muslim. The White House had to actually issue a statement to placate these idiots whose ignorance is matched only by their hatred for the Commander in Chief. Because, you know, it’s news.

If only the collective intelligentsia in the news media (I realize this is a small club) would start a real conversation about what is happening in the country – deliberately excluding all the loud noises coming from the right - and actually inform the populace we might make some real progress in our quest to be the greatest nation on earth. As it stands, apparently we’re only number 11. 

*Aren’t all soldiers armed and combat ready regardless of their status? Christ, kitchen workers carry assault rifles!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Eye Candy

Everyone has their own opinion on who is the sexiest, best looking man of their dreams. Most of us will never even see men of this hotness in our real lives. I like to think that my taste in men is pretty mainstream with a few exceptions. Generally, I like dark haired, serious men. On the other hand, comedic types also get my attention. So without any further ado, here's my top ten all time hotties. Sit back and enjoy the show!

 #10. Jack Kerouac - he didn't keep his looks for very long, but boy did he rock the sexy back in the 40s!

 #9. Harry Connick, Jr. - he gets better and better with age.

#8. Jim Morrison - perhaps the sexiest rock star to ever grace us with his hotness! The original bad boy of rock and roll!

#7. Daniel Craig - I normally don't go for blonds, but holy Christ this man is nothing but fine! I can't look away from those piercing blue eyes. Neither can you.

#6. Bono - maybe it's an Irish thing. There's something about this man that makes me have inappropriate thoughts!

#5. Cary Grant - he's the archetype for the whole, "tall dark and handsome" thing! Makes me want to drink martinis and neck in the closet!

#4. Goran Vijniic - the only  man who could have taken Clooney's place on ER.

#3. George Clooney - really the hottest of them all when you account for charm and all around coolness. The definite successor to Cary Grant in the movie star department!

#2. Antonio Sabato, Jr. - there really are no words.

#1. Stephen Colbert - yes, that's just how I roll. This man has a quality that transcends merely physical attributes, though he obviously has those in spades! It's the whole intelligence thing, I guess....