Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I think I'm gonna be sick....

Today I read something on the Huffington Post that so sickened me that I’m starting to believe that a health mishap to either McCain or Palin wouldn’t be such a bad thing. Apparently, these two jokers have their base so riled up that shouts of “kill him” and “terrorist” can be heard when Obama’s name is invoked. I imagine my feelings at the moment aren’t all that different from rational people’s feelings as recent as the mid-sixties when blatant, violent, in-your-face racism ruled the day for way too much of the American landscape. It’s more than an outrage. It’s the basis for a cultural revolution.
I’ve always been a little taken aback when it comes to Republicans. They are, for all intents and purposes, the epitome of low information voters. They have nothing to argue because they don’t even understand the argument. I can admire someone like William F. Buckley, Jr., who actually had the intellectual capacity and, yes I dare say it, the breeding, to rationally debate his ultra conservative views. The hacks who now are in charge of the conservative agenda are a disgraceful motley crew of angry, bigoted opportunists who aren’t fit to work in the Buckley stables, let alone as his surrogates in the post neo-con vortex that we find ourselves in today.
When John McCain clinched the republican nomination I thought to myself, well, at least he’s only half crazy. All the things I’d heard about him (admittedly, I am not a follower of McCain and never really gave him much thought) pointed to a guy who seemed rational, someone who could be trusted. The media loved him. He promised to run his campaign with dignity and focus on the issues. There would be no mud slinging. I was excited for the first time to be a part of a presidential campaign unlike any other, consisting of two candidates with stark differences who could articulate them to the American people. They wanted us to be informed. Granted, all political campaigns have a degree of attack ads and smears. It’s part of the territory and we all expect some level of it. But today it has crossed the line into violence inciting inflammatory rhetoric that must not be tolerated under any circumstance. Instead of McCain distancing himself from these morons, who unfortunately make up a large part of his base, he encourages them. When one of these sons of the south called for Obama to be killed during a McCain rally hosted by Sarah Palin, she didn’t even flinch. Holy shit.
Tonight’s debate is scheduled to take place in Nashville, in a town hall type setting with the audience asking the questions. The situation could not be more favorable to McCain, as he’s been harping about doing one of these with Obama since the beginning. I have no doubt that Obama will do brilliantly. However, it is my sincere hope that a member of this audience has the balls to ask Senator McCain why he insists on comparing Obama to a terrorist and how he can ignore calls for Obama’s lynching at his rallies while simultaneously calling himself a patriotic American.

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Anonymous said...

Simple folk. You know, morons.... Last night's Town Hall was ridiculous. Tom Browkaw behaved poorly, and Sen. McCain walked around the stage talking of 'goodies' like a disorientated, sad old timer in a nursing home. Jesus Christ and General Jackson already! Get it together people. Sarah Palin's role in the last rally can be compared to the likes of Maximillian Robespierre during the early days of the French Revolution - Simply inflaming the minds of the people. Dangerous. She really needs to start wearing a powdered wig. What next? People really need to think! By the way - 'Maverick' 'My Friends' 'Fundamental'. Now have three drinks. -Biofoole