Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Can we get a little sanity here?

The cable news Hurricane Gustav spectacle this weekend was bested only by the utter lunacy of the Republican National Convention screeching to a halt because New Orleans might possibly – oh you never can tell – better call in the guard – experience another hurricane.

Everyone was salivating at the prospect of a direct hit on my second favorite city. News crews - local and national – were constantly checking in with low level reporting jack-offs standing in the pouring rain and intense wind eager to show the eyes of the world that yes, they will do just about anything to get on camera. Even the Cooper Scooper had on his traditional, “I’m a serious field reporter” black tee-shirt. Will the levees hold? What about the 10,000 who refused to leave? Look, if those levees can’t withstand a category one hurricane then we might as well throw up our hands in disgust and pack it all in because that would be proof positive that we are a nation of fucktards.

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded just what exactly Dubya and McCain were doing during Hurricane Katrina, but here’s a visual to jar your memory:

The solemn convention was yet another opportunity for Republicans to flash their vaudeville credentials. I especially liked Laura Bush’s remark about the Gulf Coast governors, “They’re all strong leaders – and they were planning to be here with us today – and they all happen to be republicans.” No shit. Were they expecting any democratic governors to attend?

Look here as our First Lady and her ecto-skeletal potential successor give a weather update and ask people to donate money as if the convention were the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon:

Finally, here’s a little dose of sanity:

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