Friday, January 04, 2008

Props to Soul Brother Number One

I can’t say that I’m not absolutely thrilled with last night’s Iowa caucus. Barack Hussein Obama, the man, the myth, the legend, convinced an overwhelmingly white middle class corn-fed electorate to choose him over a ridiculously handsome white southern populist, and Bill Clinton’s wife. Don’t get me wrong – I like them all, and I mean all - even crazy Mike Gravel.

But the inconsolable ache in my heart that has not stopped throbbing since November 2, 2004 was finally given a brief, albeit Cognac induced, respite as I watched the coverage on MSNBC last night in almost disbelief. However, the real story here, the “nut graph” if you will, was the turnout. 22% of the caucus voters on the Democrat side were under 30. That’s huge, and it’s gotta be scaring the shit out of the Republicans. If we can only engage this demographic for the next 10 months, and if Obama doesn’t let loose some campaign ending barbaric yawp (I’m talking to you Deaniacs), then we might actually win this one fair and square. This kind of momentum can only grow. Of course, I’m sad to see Joe Biden and Chris Dodd throwing in the towel so early in the game, but I’ve already started forming my dream cabinet for Mr. Obama starting with Joe Biden as the Secretary of State and Chris Dodd in charge of Homeland Security (or at the very least being elected Senate Majority Leader. Harry Reid needs to take a long weekend in Vegas – preferably for the next 6 years).

Although Obama is shaping up to be our generation’s Bobby Kennedy, I can’t help but be apprehensive about falling completely head over heals for the guy. I’ve been burned so many times - Jesse Jackson in 88, Jerry Brown in 92, and of course, the dagger through the heart in the form of Dr. Howard Dean in 04- that I’m not sure I’m ready to handle another devastating breakup. But for now, I’m gonna eat this win like Altoids at a roadblock and say a little prayer that my heart doesn’t end up in the slammer, again.

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