Thursday, May 28, 2009

Time Out

Once again I’ve reached the boiling point with my tolerance for cable news chatter and must take a forced hiatus. Every now and then the bloviating insanity that passes itself off as legitimate news in this country manages to aggravate me to such an extent that it becomes detrimental to my physical health. All signs point to a complete meltdown. Resistance if futile.

There are many factors that pushed me to this decision. The big three are the racist/sexist (insert your “ist”of choice here) treatment of Sonia Sotomayor. Insults ranging from questioning her intellect to mocking Puerto Rican cuisine came shooting out of the large intestine of the GOP faster than a rotten plantain. Look, I don’t necessarily agree with her decision in the New Haven firefighter’s case. That doesn’t mean that she isn’t totally qualified to be on the SCOTUS.

Then there’s the whole Liz Cheney attack dog stance on what constitutes torture. Who the fuck is this woman and why is she getting any airtime? Water boarding is torture. Period. End of fucking discussion. 

Now, apparently photos have surfaced showing a US soldier interrogating – no excuse me - RAPING a woman held in Abu Grahib. This is one of the two thousand photos that Obama rightfully decided not to release to the public a couple of weeks back. I guess the “I’m proud to be an American” feeling since January 20th must now come to its natural, heartbreaking demise. 

Finally, the Proposition 8 debacle in California has proven once again that the backward thinking religious goons and the socially ignorant in the country yell the loudest and therefore win. It’s hard to blame the judges in this case, since the state of California’s laws concerning its constitution are so fucked up that if the people declared that slavery should be legalized again, they could alter their constitution in a vote referendum and make it so. The court would have no choice but to hold up the voted conclusion as law. Granted, the decision would fast-track to the Supreme Court where it would be promptly overturned. But in the gay marriage case there is no guarantee that SCOTUS would rule in favor of what is decent and fair under the law. After all, it’s only liberally biased “activist” judges who legislate from the bench. The conservative block sitting there right now - with all the softness of a wheel of Parmigiano Reggiano - unfortunately has the weight of its numbers and therefore would more than likely legislate from the bench – though they don’t have the collective balls to call it that. Praise Jesus.
So, I’m turning off the TV and the blogosphere for a while. I need to focus on my tomato plants, drink good wine in the breeze of the coming summer evenings and contemplate the important things in life. Trust me; Chris Matthews isn’t one of them.

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