Monday, June 23, 2008

Jesus is coming...look busy

I haven't got the words. It was one of those mornings where everything goes wrong and then I read that the legendary George Carlin has died. He'll be remembered as the funniest stand up comic in history, in my not so humble opinion. A few have managed to bat in his league as far as wit and observation, however no one has even come close to hitting a Carlin grand slam. He was the iconoclast's iconoclast. The guy who made it okay to not only question everything, but to offer blunt and necessary answers when things start getting too stupid for complacency.

What is going on? Bo Diddley, Tim Russert and now George Carlin - we're losing the good guys at an alarming rate - which sucks harder than Chinese algebra whether the excuse is random or divine.

RIP Mr. Carlin. Hope you got some answers at last.

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